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Every little bit helps!! It doesn’t take long to make a difference at Norma Coombs Elementary, and your help is so appreciated by the staff, teachers, and students. Your contribution can be as simple as reshelving books in the library, helping at a school festival, or it can be as involved as you’re willing to be. Here are some things Norma Coombs parents do:

  • Help run our Fundraisers (Mixed Bag Fundraiser, Rose Parade Parking)
  • Volunteer at our Community Events (Fall Festival, Spring Fling, Movie Nights, Science Literacy Night)
  • Read to a class
  • Help a child learn sight words
  • Assist the Front Office
  • Go on a field trip
  • Plant flowers in the school garden
  • Help lead our recycling program
  • Make photo copies
  • Be a room parent

It doesn’t have to be a big project to make a big impact. Give us an hour and help us make a better school!

Questions about how to get involved?
Contact Karin Luster at